New Building

Anyone who has been to Skydive Az and used our services knows that for years we had to settle for an old double wide trailer that was literally falling apart. 

Finally, thanks to our generous benefactors, the Hill family, owners of Skydive Az. we recently moved into a brand new 1800 sq. ft. building. Located right next to where the old building was, right at the entrance next to the bank of flag poles we can't be missed. For now the area in front is bare and has been slated for extensive landscaping, so please excuse the big dirt patch in front of our new building. Inside we finally have the space we have been needing to do the extensive rigging work demanded by our clientele. Additionally, it is fantastic to have a roof that does not leak and walls that do not shake during a monsoon and doors that lock securely. 

IMG 9519
IMG_9619 1
IMG 1883

The only downside is the loss of Joe Giampietros mural on the south side of the old building. Somehow, i think we'll live with it. Thanks anyway Joe. 

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