Reserve Inspection and Repack

Commonly referred to as the "reserve repack", what you are actually getting is a complete airworthiness inspection of your system including harness container and reserve. 

180 Day I&R

The FAA mandates every 180 days that emergency parachutes and their appropriately TSO'd harness/container systems recieve a complete insection by an appropriately rated parachute rigger. We call it the "reserve repack" for brevity because during the inspection the reserve has to come out and after of course must be repacked. 

The purpose of the repack has nothing to do with how fast the reserve will open, in other words, if left packed for more than 180 days, it will not open any slower or faster. This is a common mis conception. It has been proven by tests by the military that standard F111 ripstop nylon parachutes have to remain packed for rediculously long periods of time before any appreciable change in opening time might occure. 

Reserve / Emergency parachute use

Desert Skies Parachute Rigging provides expidted turnaround on reserve repacks after use with no additional charge. 

If humanly possible we will immediately put asside any present projects and get you back in the air in the event of a reserve use. Assuming all necessary parts are retrieved (reserve free bag and pilot chute, reserve deployment and cutaway handle) we will have you back in the air same day if possible, if not by start of next day. 

Please keep in mind that reasonable turnaround time must be allowed in event of a reserve ride. Even if we get on it right away, time must be taken to conduct a proper inspection (all the more important after a reserve ride) and reserve repack. We understand jumpers come from all over the world to jump at SDAZ and a reserve ride can seriously hinder your plans. We are committed to getting you back up ASAP but will not compromise quality or safety to return your rig to service. 

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