Escrow Services for Buying or Selling a Rig

Whether you are buying, or selling a used rig, we act as a go-between or middle main to provide security for both parties. The buyer has the seller send us the rig which will be kept securly in our new locked facility and will not leave without proper assurance of its return in same condition. We conduct any inspection service requested of the buyer. Buyer typically pays for this but this is buyers/sellers decision. With the sellers permission, buyer can test jump the equipment, financial security is left to assure proper return and in same condition, typically certified funds for agreed price. Once buyer and seller agree,    payment is released to the seller and equipment to the buyer. Any inspection and shipping fees that are incured are the responsibility of the buyer and seller to cover. 

In this way, Desert Skies Parachute Rigging acts as a secure third party for both the buyer and seller. Payment to us for this is on a case by case basis. Often, it is the $125 inspection fee as in the case of the consignment sale. But that is for a complete system. If individual componants are involved, it is typically $35 ea, main, reserve, harness container. 

Here's how this works:

Once payment is received, I ship rig to you, shipping is covered by you. I use UPS or fedex. Once you receive the rig let me know within a week that you are satisfied with it. Only then do I release funds to the seller. I am acting as security for both the rig and funds. If not happy with the rig please return to me, trackable and insured for sales price. As long as the rig is received in same condition as sent I will refund your money. Test jumps are ok, just make sure the rig is returned in same condition as received if not satisfied. If there is any damage or lost parts (reserve free-bag, reserve ripcord etc possibly lost during a cutaway during test jumps) replacement of that will come out of the funds I receive prior to refund. 

The rig will arrive jump ready, inspected and reserve packed by me or my staff. The main is also inspected and packed by my staff. However, no main packing is guaranteed and I have seen even the best packers have malfunctions. We do not accept responsibility for any main malfunction or reason for cut-away. You as the jumper must accept that responsibility. 

Finally, by agreeing to these terms you also accept any and all responsibility for using this rig and are the person responsible for your safety.

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