Frequently asked questions about buying / selling used gear

  • How does the escrow deal differ from the consignment one?

As escrow agent we simply act as security for the payment and item sold, or go-between for two people that do not know each other but want to know their item is safe. We also act as knowledgeable / impartial experts to answer questions that invariably arrise. 

In consignment, we are not only acting as go-between, but also as selling agent for the buyer. In this role we take all the headaches and hassles from them of dealing with potential buyers. 

  • Why do you charge $120 for inspection

Simple, first, if we are expected to act as selling agent, how can we competently fill this role without knowledge of the gear. Also, we are responsible for ensuring the rig is completley safe and airworthy. The inspection fee includes full reserve, harness cotainer inspection and repack and main inspection and packing as well. 

  • Why do you charge 10% of agreed price when selling on consignment

This is to compensate us for the time we spend dealing with potential buyers. The myriad of emails, phone calls, questions etc. can be overwhelming. It is also motivation to negotiate the best possible price for the seller. 

  • What kind of payment do you take once you sell my rig for me?

This can be tricky, the following methods of payment are accepted:

    • cash
    • credit card
    • pay-pal
    • cashiers check
    • money order
    • bank wire transfer
    • personal check with sellers ok
  • Unfortunately, in this day and age of very crafty and technologically skillful crooks, even secured payment can be compromised. I am hearing more and more stories of pay-pal payments and even cashiers checks payments being reversed after being receieved by sellers. This usually takes a couple weeks after receipt for the bank to verify it is fraudulent and reverse the payment. In other words, one minute you think the money is safe in your account, and a couple weeks later it is no longer their. By then you have sent the item to the buyer who has no doubt dis-appeard, never to be seen or heard from again. 
  • I am told that the only absolutely secure payment is a bank wire transfer where the seller give his/her bank acct. # to the buyer who wires money, typically from their bank or Western Union to the sellers acct. However, with this the seller is giving a stranger their bank acct. #. In this case a seperate acct. can be set up with your bank for just this purpose. 
  • To make this even easier, Desert Skies Parachute Rigging has a seperate acct set up to accept these payments for you. 
  • credit cards, cashiers checks, money orders and paypal can all be fraudulent, and take a couple weeks for your bank to find this out. As a last line of defense, Desert Skies Parachute Rigging will hold the sold item in secure storage after payment is received until assured by our bank that payment is securely received. This might be an inconvenience to the buyer but fortunately this is a rare occurrence and only exercised in the rare instance when the buyer cannot provide any sort of reference to us. 
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