Used Gear Consignment Sales

Selling your gear can be a time consuming headache. Especially now, with the internet such a convenient tool to market your item to people all over the country if not the world. The problem is, the potential buyer does not want to buy without seeing and trying the rig, you should never send the rig without some kind of security. Additionally, potential buyers will swamp you with emails and phone calls asking:

  • how flexible is your pricing?
  • is it freely friendly?
  • what size main canopies will it take?
  • what size reserve canopies will it take?
  • what is the harness size, will it fit me? etc etc etc
  • will you send it to me so I can try it?
  • what if I don't like it after it arrives?
  • will you sell just the main/reserve/AAD etc

After you spend hours looking up and answering all these questions, you might work out a deal where you trust the buyer to send them the rig, but how do you know you'll ever see it again? Even if you do, how do you know it will come back in the same condition you sent it if the deal falls through. 

Desert Skies Parachute Rigging provides full service equipment consignment sales to relieve you of these problems. Just leave us your rig and an idea of how much you want, and your willingness to part it out or sell it whole. We conduct a full airworhiness inspection of the rig, including harness container, reserve, reserve repack, main canopy inspection and packing and AAD. This way we can properly market your rig for you from a standpoint of knowledge. During the inspection detailed inspection reports are filled out of each component, harness - container, reserve, main and AAD. These are made available to the owner and any potential buyers. Next we place the rig for sale on the internet and try to find a suitable buyer. All email and phone communications are handled by us. Buyers will be able to view the inspection reports and detailed high resoluition photographs and have knowledgable experts answering their questions. The sale item will be made available for any local / visiting jumpers interested in buying the rig. They can try on the rig under our supervision. With your approval they can test jump the equipment as long as it is brought back in the same condition. Any damage, lost parts due to cutaway etc are the responsibility of the person jumping the rig. The rig will not leave Desert Skies Parachute Rigging without security that it will be returned properly.

If a potential buyer outside the local area is found, often the case now with internet marketing Desert Skies Parachute Rigging will first recieve payment in full for the agreed upon price before sending the rig. Payment will be held by us until the buyer has received the rig and is satisfied. Once done, the payment is then given to the seller minus our inspection and consignment fees which are:

  • $125 full inspection fee including main, reserve, harness container and AAD, also includes reserve repack, packing main, minor cleaning and repairs and having fully jump ready. Any AAD, manufacturers service bulletine compliance, parts replacement and major repairs are additional.
  • 10% of agreed selling price in exchange for acting as selling agent. 

Only certified funds payments are accepted. 


DesertSkies Parachute Rigging takes possession of the rig and conduct a full airworthiness inspection, main, reserve, harness container, AAD etc and completely repack the rig. 

Inspection sheets are filled out and photos taken for posting online and for any potential buyers to view. Rig is posted online on, , and facebook. 

Fee for the inspection is $125.00 paid up front, that includes the written inspection sheets and photos. 

Once sold Desert Skies Parachute Rigging takes %10 of selling price. 

No offer is accepted without your approval  unless the offer is for asking price. 

Rig is not shipped without receiving full payment up front first. 

Payment held in escrow until buyer confirms receipt and satisfaction. 

Buyer has 5 days from UPS confirmed receipt to return rig. 

Return is at buyers expense and rig must be returned in same condition as sent. 

Any expense to return rig to same condition comes out of buyers refund. 

Through this both parties can be assured their interests are safe. 

The buyers funds are not released to seller until buyer confirms satisfaction.

 Seller knows the rig is not shipped until we receive full payment. 

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