VectorIII V354/PR176/SP210/4-09 cypres - $2000 neg

VectorIII V354/PR176/SP210/4-09 cypres

Hyperlink above is to a Dropbox file containing all photos and documentation available so far. Additional will be added as it becomes available. 


Rig is a 98 vector III, good condition, some fading and desert dust exposure etc. All stiffeners in good shape, no damage to container or harness. Main is a PD Spectre 210, also, some dust and fading but pretty good shape. Owner estimates 500 jumps but again that is an estimate. He bought used and put about 300 on it, estimated it had 200 when purchased. The lineset is in good trim for the stated # of jumps, the steering lines are a little short due to shrinkage but the overall lineset trim differentials are surprisingly close to factory for that number of jumps. The steering lines can be replaced with something closer to factory spec by us for $40 or left as is. Canopy has very little fraying of internal rib crossports which is an indicator of wear. I would expect to see more fraying on the crossports on a canopy with 500 ish jumps. 

Reserve is PR 176, good condition, no issues. We have full packing data card history indicating roughly 30 repacks, no uses marked on the card. At 40 repacks canopy will have to go back to PD for recertification. That gives you about 10 repacks before that, that’s easily 5 years of use. 

Cypres is a 4-2009 cypres II, had the 4 yr in 2013, will be due for 8 yr next year. 

Asking price is $2000, price is negotiable. 

I am selling this on consignment for the owner and as such acting as escrow agent. Payment is received in full before I ship to you. Once received, you have 5 days to confirm satisfaction. If not satisfied, return is at your expense then all refunds issued. Rig must be returned in same condition as sent. 

The photos include a shot of the main data panel which is worn down and unreadable. That is not unusual from canopies made in the 90s, the data panels used now are much more resilient. I included that photo just so you are aware of it. We cannot determine the SN or DOM of the main, but owner tells me it is a 1998.

I do not have the inspection sheets completed yet but will include them when I do. 

Container is a V354 -refer to manufacture specs for canopy capacity at:

Owner is 6’ 3", 200 lbs, more info coming about harness size, main lift web etc. 


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